Convenience or Crazy?

As I watch reality TV, HGTV young couples buying and renovating their first homes I can’t help but laugh at some of their ideas and reasoning behind what type of house, flooring etc.

Here’s one I heard recently that one couple had their hardwood floors stained to match the color of their chocolate lab??? The reason behind this is they wouldn’t have to sweep the floors as much!! Really, with labs you have to sweep / vacuum at least 2-3 times a week! Designing your house around a Dog is crazy. Everyone who knows me knows I love my pets, however my house will be standing long after my dogs have passed, this is just reality. I am not going to make long term decisions based on my pets.

Young families, (mothers mainly) are wanting to look at only one story homes. The reason behind this is it is to inconvenient to have to take their children upstairs to put them to bed, change diapers or go to the bath room if that is where the only bath room is located.

My thoughts on this… I am happy I grew up before technology. I walked to school, I rode my bike to my friends house, roller skated, ice skated and loved water skiing in the summer. I was always active as was my friends and siblings so when I married and started our family renting and buying a house with stairs was not a problem. We had a townhouse with our first son and our bathrooms were upstairs, I also kept all diapers and clothes upstairs, so I was up and down a lot. This was great for my physical health and it helped keep me in shape. The next two houses after that had stairs with the bathrooms upstairs same with my next two children I stayed active and didn’t think about keeping everything convenient.

While I am on the subject of running children up stairs to change them, something else I don’t get is the new racket the diaper companies are pulling to keep our children in diapers till they are 3,4 & 5! They call them “training pants” they are nothing more than diapers that kids can pull up. Keeps it “convenient” for parents not to have to change their kids clothes if they have an accident, but that is not teaching the child anything. What happened to taking children from diapers to underwear? It only took 1 or 2 times to have an accident and they wouldn’t want to do that again! Its called training for a reason. Personally I couldn’t wait to stop spending $$ on diapers and get my children potty trained.

With all that said, I am a fan of stairs and keeping everything up where it belongs and not within arms reach. I do love the modern technologies too that we didn’t have when my kids were little. The new monitors are great! My kids did nap in their cribs upstairs so I had to listen for them and these monitors would have been nice.

Ok I got a little off subject there but that’s how my mind wanders… LOL. I can’t help but laugh when I see people renovating, building houses around their dogs. One lady wanted all tile floors for her yorkie because she had accidents in the house. Have you ever heard of house training your dog, using kennels?? That is a very permanent or at least hard and costly choice to change for a short term decision. Dogs pass through your lives for a short time.

If you are a young family looking for a house don’t cancel out a house because it has stairs, look at it as an opportunity for exercise everyday. See the positives. Conveniences are not always the healthy choices…


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