Facebook Emoji’s Can’t Replace a Hug!!

Yesterday was a difficult day for my twin sister. She was a Duke with her youngest son Matthew. Although he is an adult with 3 daughters, Matthew was born with 4 heart defects. Whenever he goes to Duke, UVA the interns line up to listen to his heart and learn from him. You have to understand that every time they operate or do a procedure it is new because Matthew’s heart is unique.

He went for a heart cath and was expecting to have a balloon enlarge his tricuspid valve that has not grown with him. After hours in the cath lab and taking measurements and pictures the doctor decided that this procedure could be to risky and could do more damage than good. This could have disconnected the lead to his pacemaker / defibrillator, if that happened they would have had to open his chest and replace his valve.

After being there from the morning till after 8pm Matthew left sore and disappointed that he wasn’t feeling better and not knowing what was ahead. A team of surgeons are meeting at Duke to discuss Matthew’s heart and how to proceed to help him this week.

Back to yesterday, while Mom and I were here in Wilmington we were dressed and ready to leave at a moments notice and praying for Matthew and Lori. I couldn’t help feeling like I let my twin sister down. I can’t image what she must have went through knowing that a doctor could have come out to tell her that her boy would be going into open heart surgery. She needed her family! As time passed I called and called to check on Matthew, a cath had never taken that long before. That really scared us.

Lori and I have always been there when our parents had open heart surgery, or family had any other medical issues. I don’t know how many times we have slept in hospital chairs or floors. The next time she goes to Duke with Matthew I will be there for her. There is nothing more important going on in my life to keep me away from being with my family when they need me and I know Lori would do the same for me!

Facebook is a great way to request prayers, however when it comes to family it does not replace phone calls, your presence, and a real hug! Emoji’s don’t cut it!!

Please continue to pray, pray that as the doctors meet God works through their brilliant minds to repair Matthew’s heart heart valve so he can begin to feel  better again.

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