Raising a Successful Heart

Recently my oldest son Kenny reminded me of what’s really important and what really makes me proud of my kids.

We try to teach them right from wrong when they are little, help them through school and go to all the sports, dance recitals and take them to Church.   When they grow up and graduate college go onto their careers and start their own family, you think you couldn’t be prouder!

Hearing that you have raised 3 sensitive kids who care about you and others, that is really special! Kenny calls me just to let me know he is thinking about me or text to just say he loves me. My mother tells me that my daughter Nikki calls her just to check on her. I hear from friends that they saw Zach giving a homeless man food from a fast food restaurant. He does that often and for me knowing my children think of others and reach out makes me so proud. Somewhere when I thought I was getting it wrong I must have gotten something right!!

Seeing the videos that Nikki is sending to Connor to help him with his homework when she can’t be there is so creative! She is proving you can be hands on and have a career.

I am also seeing this in my grandchildren. While Taylor was with me for Halloween my granddaughter KJ was so sweet to her and concerned about her. Connor and KJ both have a big hearts. This world needs more people who care more about others than their own reflection in the mirror or just inside their own doors.  When you reach out to others it makes your heart happy.

While having a career and being successful is important, it is also very important not to forget how you got there. Always remember to pay it forward.

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